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We offer dog training services in the Wichita Kansas area.

In-Home Training

We offer in-home dog training services to Wichita and the surrounding areas. Our In-Home training package is a 6 week long training program. This program is designed to give you and your dog the life you want to have together. We want to help make training more fun and also attainable. We will give you the tools and skills to train your dog for life. We will teach your dog how to walk without pulling you down the sidewalk, how to sit and wait at crosswalks and when leaving the house, basic obedience, how to be calm in the house, to come back to you when you call, and how to address behavioral issues (like jumping, barking, whining, and fear/ anxiety). 

Individualized Personal Training

We want to help you accomplish your goals with your dog so that you can have the best life possible together! We will discuss your goals for training and create an individualized plan for your dog. We want to help you integrate training intro your life and make it achievable and enjoyable. 


6-weeks of training

Six consecutive weeks of training in your home. We can tackle your behavioral struggles, learn basic obedience skills, and any other goals your have. 


Mileage included

Mileage is included within the Wichita Metro area. 


What else is included

We will provide any other equipment needed for training-- a training leash, collar, long line, etc. Equipment needed will always depend on the individual dog and family. 

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